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Address£ºNo. 108, Chen Chun Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

  Shanghai Satake Cool-Heat & Control Technique Co., Ltd. is a high-tech professional company which specializes in researching, designing and manufacturing kinds of testing devices for cooling and heating products. We¡¯re a Joint Venture invested by Orient Trading Co., Ltd., Satake Chemical Equipment Mfg., Ltd., Satake Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Automobile Air-conditioner Factory Co., Ltd., and Tesim (Hong Kong) Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. We supply kinds of automatic testing devices on the basis of Satake Engineering¡¯s technology. We also absorb the world¡¯s newest technology and carry on researching, innovating to meet worldwide clients¡¯ needs in development, quality control and research.
     We¡¯re certified by ISO 9001:2000 in Jan. 2007 and rated as a Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Foreign-invested Advanced Technology Enterprise and Shanghai Pudong Social Responsibility Compliance Enterprise. Our products have been widely exported to India, Brazil, Malaysia, Japan, Australia and etc., meanwhile a number of domestic laboratories are certified as the national laboratory. We are the best technique cooperation partner to support your development.

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